Situated in Kiyosumi-shirakawa, Tokyo, Atelier Matsudaira offers the highest-quality inkjet printing services to photographers, artists, galleries and museums around the world.

For two decades in both Britain and Japan, Mitsuhiro Matsudaira, experienced printing director, has provided expert support. He has a way of capturing the essence of subjects and maximising their aesthetic value.


Museum quality inkjet prints
for exhibitions and your own artwork.

© Hisaji Hara & Natsumi Hayashi


Premium monochrome prints
utilizing 7 shades of grey inks.

© Yamamoto Masao


Lectures and seminars across Japan – introducing printing skills and techniques alongside sensitivity for printmaking.


Artwork courtesy of Hisaji Hara & Natsumi Hayashi

All our bespoke printing services are carried out by our skilled printing director, who acquired not only digital prints but also gelatin silver prints and platinum prints.

Atelier Matsudaira is dedicated to offering a wide range of services for our customers from start to finish, including choosing the right paper, retouching, colour management etc.

It is important to know that your photographs convey your thoughts and intentions. We believe that your requirements will be met at Atelier Matsudaira.

Large Format Inkjet Printers

With Epson SC-P10000, we offer a wide range of printing products, including exhibition prints and portfolios, as well as reprints of cultural assets. Epson Ultrachrome Pro K4 inks deliver exceptional tones, colours, stability and longevity, and outstanding productivity for prints up to 44’’/1118mm.

The Highest Level of Colour Management

To make your printout colours match those on your display, each file is inspected for colour and density with X-Rite i1i02. Black and white photography can also provide some stunningly beautiful images by adjusting its tonal range from highlights to shadows.

Archival Quality Printing Papers

In order to enhance the value of your artwork, in terms of beautiful tone, harmony and longevity, we select high quality papers, such as Hahnemuhle, Ilford and Canson, Japanese paper made by Ichibei Iwano (living national treasure), canvas etc.



Atelier Matsudaira offers the highest-quality scanning with Phase One 100MP digital camera for large format artworks. For the negatives, slides as well as prints, we use Heidelberg and Dai-Nippon Screen drum scanners. With accurate colours, high dMax and retention of detail from the brightest highlight to the deepest shadow, tonal gradations are very smooth. This type of scanner is used to capture the highest resolution from an image.


‘Decoration meets protection’ when it comes to photo framing – enhance its existence value. Atelier Matsudaira is committed to offering superior framing and mounting services – craftsman handmade frames from natural wood together with museum quality durable mat boards. With our bespoke service, acrylic prints and aluminium backing are available.


Artwork courtesy of Yamamoto Masao

Using Epson inkjet printers loaded with monochrome inks developed in the United State, Piezography is the finest black and white digital printing system with a special printer driver.
Piezography prints are made with a specialized printing process, utilizing 7 shades of inks, instead of 3 ink shades mixed with colour ink typically used before.
Creating a substantially smoother latitude, and sharply increasing shadow and highlight detail with excellent preservation.

Piezography Glossy – allowing a beautiful finish which is absolutely similar to the baryta-based gelatin silver print.

Piezography Matte – reproducing the sense of depth and the texture of the image.

M. Matsudaira, printing director, is dedicated to offering Piezography printing. That is the one-and-only premium monochrome printing that will maximize the value of your photograph.

The Highest Resolution and Smooth Tonal Gradation

Combined with 7 shades of inks and a special printer driver, Piezography prints have the highest resolution, and small dots create smooth gradations and an ultra sharp finish.

Mirror-like Finish Similar to Baryta-based Gelatin Silver Prints

Piezography glossy prints giving the best finish resemble baryta-based gelatin silver prints, allowing the white margins of the paper glossy without any appearance of bronzing.

Piezography Inks with Longevity

Piezography is a brand of black and white carbon ink and does not use colour ink to print black & white photography, allowing superior light resistance.

Piezography INKS & PAPERS

In addition to Piezography k7 neutral inks, we also provide Piezography Pro which has two hues – warm and cool – to be blended together in endless tone combinations. Piezography Pro (the darkest dMax) is available from 2017 onwards at Atelier Matsudaira.

The Piezography brand of monochromatic inks are considered to be environmentally friendly and safe. No more harmful chemicals in a darkroom. To capture the essence of the subject and to enhance its existence value, we only select top-quality papers – beautiful tone and longevity – from all over the world.

Achieving a high dMax, utilizing acid-free and lignin-free paper (paper containing lignin becomes brittle and deteriorates), taking these two points as our standard, we strive to always provide gallery quality papers for our customers.


M. Matsudaira, our printing director, provides print workshops across Japan, introducing printmaking skills and techniques alongside sensitivity to printmaking. He will simply and nicely demonstrate step-by-step printing process and retouching in Photoshop.

As an instructor, he also gives seminars on printing at universities, polytechnics and colleges, showing the depth and enjoyment of every aspect of printmaking. Please feel free to make inquiries about workshops or seminars.

He is an instructor of Tokyo Polytechnic University.

Upcoming Workshops
Leica Professional Store Tokyo, 25th of June, 2017


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